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[Americans must not fault Papa Bush (as well as the father of any other hawkish, flag-waving and well-placed politician) for having protected his son Dubya from the deathly vicissitudes of war. Paternal love being a universal emotion, even Lincoln, along with many a Northerner with the wherewithal, bought replacements for their sons, so as not to have them chance death fighting to preserve the Union. As a consequence, some might feel that if anything good could be said about the psychopathic Hitler and his Israeli counterpart, Sharon, it would be that each had served his country in helping to murder its real or perceived enemies -- of course -- if and when called upon, so did a goodly proportion of those sixteen million American veterans, papa Bush being one of them, who served during the W.W.II. emergency years (a number that included the writer and his three older brothers).]

In early December of 2001, when the writer left Newark Airport on a KLM-Northwest Airlines flight bound for Mumbai, it seemed that Americans were more-or-less united in their belief that those folks (members of Al Qaeda being the culprits) responsible for the destruction of the World Trade Center should be apprehended -- this, by attacking them and their supporters in Afghanistan. But, the writer was not aware of America's having any plans to invade Iraq, nor that they had any agreement to stand by as the claiming-to-have-a-right-to-be-a-nation, Palestine, was being destroyed by the claiming-to-have-a-right-to-be-a-nation, Israel. During the flight, the writer, was so oblivious of the Realpolitik, backdoor shenanigans going on in Washington, that his sole concern was with the food being served: it was an insult to the passengers -- causing him to vow to never again fly on either airline.

Although in the past he had traveled extensively throughout much of India, this time he remained in Mumbai for his entire six-month stay. It was there and then, after consulting with friends, that a decision was made to extract and rework a portion of his book: Topsy-Turvy -- that portion detailing the events surrounding the massacre at Jallianwala Bagh. That atrocity had occurred in the late afternoon of April 13, 1919; the British had shot dead a thousand and wounded a thousand more unarmed Indian civilians. They were part of a large congregation of Hindus, Moslems and Sikhs who were seated in an enclosed, outdoor, one-time garden: their crime was listening to a few speechifying fellow Indians.

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