Where Wise Men Fear to Tread

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How on earth can anyone bent on discerning the truth about what's happening: locally, nationally or worldwide, go about attempting to do so?

Way back, during the cetennial-anniversary years of America's fractricidal Cival War, the book, Andersonville, became a best seller. The book described the horrible dprivations endured by Northern prisoners of war when incarcerated in the South's most-despicable, infamous detention center. As the South's own food supply dwindled, so too did the meals allotted to their prisoner of war - this, until they were, in effect, being starved to death. Prisoners were reduced, like crows on horse droppings, to pick through the fecal matter of their fellow prisoners to garner the occasional undigested kernel of corn - in an attempt to stave off starvation.

It is much the same for the person seeking truth from amongst the mountain of verbiage spewed out by even America's most prestigious media outlets. It's necessary for the reader of newspapers and magazines to pick through piles of printed bullshit in order to discern a kernel of truth - ask from TV and radio, it would be an equally difficult task.

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