SYMPOSIUM - The 100-Plus-Years War

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Exploring the Politically Incorrect

For years, from the very late 1990's on, Nance and Anthony would go to the Ukrania to kick around the latest news, their writings and their views. They would meet at the nearby neighborhood bar where Anthony worked the day-shift. More often than not, when leaving, one of the regulars would accompany them. But once Sean, a few years back, joined them, he made it into a weekly threesome.

Although they were all New Yorkers at first glance they would appear to be an anomalous sort. But, what they did have in common was a low-key searching for, and respect of knowledge (accumulated through a range of means: from that of academic to haphazard) and a desire to acquire non-academic-based, worldly information, if not wisdom. All this, while lacking the typical New Yorker's never-ending, tunnel-vision search for financial success.

Sean: Ireland-born and educated non-practicing Catholic naturalized US citizen, in his late forties; sparkling blue eyes; prematurely white hair; a powerful upper body; a gentle, manly voice with an Irish lilt.

Anthony: Born and practicing strict Catholic politically ultra-conservative, suburban-New York-born in his early fifties; stocky, on the shorter-side of average height; dark-brown hair, blue-gray eyes educated at the best universities.

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